Saturday, 25 May 2013

HSF Challenge 10 - Literature. Part 2: The pictures of the dress

Thanks to my wonderful husband I now have a fair set of pictures, and it was very difficult to choose from them. It was a very stormy day, and between freezing wind, rain (buckets of it) and hail we managed to find a short dry spell, went up to the old way cross (where the view is not too much spoiled by modern civilisation).

The dress or rather the colour of it didn't like the pictures too much, and when I tinkered with contrast, the result wasn't very satisfactory, yet we have a back shot and a front shot what show some construction details. The rest of the set are pictures in the spirit of "Sturm & Drang" and "Romanticism".
It was fun to go out of my normal classicists comfort zone, and I think this dress will get some more fresh air very soon :-) (Especially as sweetheart bought me now a black lace veil... this gives ideas indeed)

The back view, with the pleats. While many dresses have gathers, pleats appear to be much more common, especially in the earlier years.

Pulling the small veil up. I didn't take the nice one out, as I didn't trust the weather, and wore this one originally as a fichu, but so much wanted to replicate the look from the Velazquez painting. 

It was way too windy though, and there was no way the veil wanted to stay put. But at least this is one of the pictures where the front closure's coulisses can be seen. 

We then decided to play about with the wind, and use it as a help together with the big silk shawl. 

Trying for a melancholic air. The letter by my friend Théo is rather joyful, on the other hand :-)

The poppies. Despite the cold temperatures (close to freezing point last night), the poppies are out and insist that we're actually in summer. Also you see my shirt peeking up. I should remember pulling it further down next time.

Sitting at the way-cross with my 1790's edition of Kleist.  This is one of the pictures where I think the combination of black/white/red is really working out. 

A bit darker, I think a painter from the time would rather set a valley in the background than our wee hill, but we're living in the vale, not up the hill.

And trying to be in a Carus painting.


  1. OMG, it's so beautiful I can hardly stand it! You definitely look like you belong in a painting. It's a gorgeous dress and such lovely photos too!

    1. Thank you :-) I really do like this dress, though I was so unsure whether or not it will look nice in the end. But I wanted to have it anyway ;-)