Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Trouvaille: If everything becomes too much...

It's a well known phenomenon today, that we search to distract and occupy ourselves. We exceed our ebnergy, run from event to happening, and when we are tired, many try to numb the tiredness with more excitement (Binge watching your favourite series is not that relaxing, because it still bombards your senses with sound and picture...)

Anyone who thinks "That was different, in Ye Goode Olde Times", I think we are not that different.
Again, Journal des Dames, 30 Frimaire An12 (December 22, 1803)

The Trouvaille is spread over two pages (three if we count the title), please excuse the frankensteining
Source as usual: BNF

There wasn't an instant these the past eight days, in what I didn't try to evade myself; I've felt all the fatigue attached to the need of amusement. I've seen (attended) balls, dinners, spectacles, without gaining a single moment of joy.... The solitude during these parties is bare, ungiving. 
Natures solitude though always helps us to gain something for our soul; the one of mere objects prevents us to be with ourselves and gives us nothing in return.
Ext. de Valérie*

*Valérie relates in my opinion to a pre-publication of Madame de Krudeners's book, what was published only a few months later. I wonder what kind of favour or sense of business moved our Monsieur Le Mésangères to public this excerpt? Doing a favour to Chateaubriand? 

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