Thursday, 14 July 2016

The Lady with the Comb

In March another miniature found it's home on the wall behind my harp, I call her 'La dame au Peigne Espagnol' or sometimes 'Lady with sprigged fichu' either would do. She's another lucky find of Monsieur, and we both fell in love immediately.
The picture of the seller

She's neither signed, not named, nor dated, so we have to let the pictures speak for itself. To me it's quite sufficient that she's in good shape, has no mould and no abrasions :-
Unwrapped, and ready for a gentle cleaning
The backing paper was gone, as we many
 of the teeth, and the lady moved quite
a bit in her setting
Luckily without major abrasions. She's painted on what appears to
be vellum, contrary to the "Dame au Schall Bleu" what is on ivory.
I love the fine details like her sprigged fichu and her Spanish looking comb

The glass has been cleaned, carefully dried
At the new place, close to the "Dame au Schall Bleu

By the way, for those who worry about me handling fragile miniatures with bare hands: I wash my hands carefully and use wiping alcohol to remove any left over grease, and keep the handling to a minimum. I prefer to have full control when handling fragile pieces than possibly snagging with cotton gloves. (also - if the gloves aren't clean, you won't be doing your objects any favour)

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