Wednesday, 22 January 2014

A Journal Journey into the Year 1811 - Introduction

Let me introduce you to our project, a travel back into the year 1811.
Sabine is taking a closer look into the "Journal des Luxus und der Moden", Natalie tackles "La Belle Assemblée", Maggie devotes her time to "Ackermann's Repository", and I leave through the "Journal des Dames et des Modes".

Each of us will read, transcribe, translate her journal, and then it's up to us to pick up the quill and start writing.

It is as much a discovery journey for us, as it is for you, to read and compare the leading fashion magazines of their time, month by month.

Nearly everyone of us has come across the "Journal des Dames et des Modes" - though most of us nickname it "Costume Parisien", based on the titles of the fashion plates. But the Journal des Dames et des Modes is much more than just a fashion magazine. It includes theatre-critics, satirical writing, travel reports, fashiontrends and the famous plates. Pierre Le Mésangère, the publisher followed normally a publication rhythm of every 5 days, sometimes it's a tad shorter, sometimes a bit delayed.

For the year 1811 the BNF - the Bibliothèque National de France has 56 issues digitalised. Sadly not all of them, and not everything what has been digitalised has all it's pages. I will mention in the title the issues included in this month. If the database of the BNF will be updated with further issues, these will be included in time.

I will mostly concentrate on fashion, but you will also see transcriptions of other passages, of satirical pieces, references to dance and healthcare. The tags will help you navigate if you look for something particular.

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